What does others think of your Blog?

Regardless of the subject of a blog, all bloggers at the possibility of situations in which others do not approve of his blog. Although this type of reaction is very popular with blogs focused on political or controversial issues, bloggers who maintain a personal blog may also face disapproval from those who do not approve of the choices in life bloggers. This article will discuss issues such as trafficking of negative comments on a blog addressing the criticism of friends and family members and will address situations in which blogs can cause legal problems for the blogger.

Treatment of negative comments on my blog!

The negative comments posted on a blog is one of the most common forms of disapproval a blog may receive. These comments can be posted in response to a specific blog post or can be published as an objection to the blog in general. These negative comments can be very troubling to the blogger but fortunately there are some methods to address these comments.

Bloggers who are concerned that negative comments could influence other blog readers have several options to address these negative comments. One way is to set the blog to not allow comments. This will effectively eliminate the comments but remove the comments of the followers of the blog as well. Another option is a blogger is to simply delete the negative comments, as he is. This is not a very effective method because other readers may have time to read the comments before being eliminated. Bloggers who are online often and not worry about negative comments appearing on the blog for a short period of time can use this method. Another method of dealing with negative comments includes rebutting these comments on the blog. Finally, bloggers often have the opportunity to ban visitors who are leaving negative feedback comments in the future.

Dealing with criticism of Friends and Family

Bloggers may also face criticism from friends and family members for the content of their blogs. Friends and family members can not use the comments section to express their disapproval, but may express their concerns directly to the blogger in person, by phone or email. This can be a difficult situation for bloggers, as they may be divided between maintaining the blog according to your vision and keeping your friends and family happy. In many cases, friends and family can resist a blog because they think they can be potentially harmful to the blogger or because they are concerned about how the blog will reflect on them. In these delicate situations the blogger has the option to delete or modify any blog or talking with friends and family members to explain their feelings without making changes to the blog.

When Blogging can cause legal problems

Bloggers should be aware that there are some situations in which your blog can cause legal problems. Making statements about another person that are false and defamatory can result in the issue of seeking revenge for blog defamation. Other blog ads can also be declared illegal by a wide variety of other reasons. Bloggers can take free speech laws that fully protect, but there may be situations in which the remarks in a blog are not protected by free speech laws and blogger faces the legal consequences of their ads. Blogging in violation of copyright laws may also cause other legal problems.


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