Search Engine Optimization is the process through which we increase the quality and quantity of traffic to a website.The web traffic is generated with the help of the search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing etc.

In today's world where the internet users are increasing day by day,there is a strong need for an online web presence and Seo does exactly that.It gives a website its real web presence.The major shareholder in the search engine marketplace is undoubtedly Google.Every internet user takes the help of the search engines in order to search the desired information and without the help of these search engines it is impossible to search the required data scattered around the entire world wide web.

The Seo process is interesting and involves a challenge in it.There are many parts of the entire Seo process which makes a website to rank well in Google organically. These steps are given below:-

1- Keyword Selection- The first step in Seo is the keyword selection.A keyword is a word which a person normally enters on Google to get the desired results.Examples of keywords include- hotels,gifts,games,India,geographic,cool sites,i want to buy,best deals online,travel planning etc.

2- On page changes- The most important part of Seo is the on page changes that is done to the website before the entire off page process gets started.Under it the title tag,the description tag,the keyword tag,content,site structure etc are all changed according to the selection of the keywords.

3- Off page optimization-This is a whole set of process which makes your website popular on the world wide web.Under the off page optimization directory submission,blog creation,blog submission,RSS feed submission,link exchange,social media bookamrking play an important role.


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